Barnyard is a funny and entertaining game based on the movie
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Barnyard is a funny game based on the movie in which you have to explore the farm, carry out missions and mini games, talk to funny characters, collect checklists and many other things. The game features excellent 3D colorful graphics, with good sound effects and a nice music. In the game, the well-designed characters behave like people and they have different hobbies, tastes and personalities. You play a teenage cow, who has just arrived to the farm and wants to join the animals in their activities. Sometimes you have to help them with their tasks to score points and most of them take a couple of minutes. They are not difficult but really amusing. You can also participate in parlor games such as pool, darts, and whack-a-rac, and then use the food items you've collected to make treats and mocktails, and also sell them to the gophers for a huge profit. Throughout the game, there are also several upgrades and barn decorations that you can buy at the gopher shop to make it even more fun. It has a relatively free and entertaining gameplay, in which you choose whatever you want to do, without resorting to the typical one-level-after-another structure. The game is not really challenging and it's perfect for kids.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lots of minigames and upgrades. Funny and well-designed characters. Great graphics and sound effects. Free gameplay


  • Not really challenging
  • Not enough spoken dialogue
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